Exceptional Guitar Amplification


Our unique circuits, close attention to construction details and superior component choices produce a caliber of sophisticated tones and playing characteristics that are not easily or inexpensively duplicated.


Amplifier Characteristics 

Clean Headroom – Even if you dig in it won’t break up.

Spacious Tone  Airy, in the sense that the sound is not closed in.

Overdrive Note Clarity – Articulate even when heavily overdriven. 

Note Bloom – Harmonic content that occurs that is more than just the main note harmonic.

Tight Pick Attack – Very accurate tracking of the subtleties of picking, from the lightest to the heaviest.

Harmonically Rich – Produces a full rich sound with lots of harmonic content. Not one dimensional.

Dynamic and Flexible Overdrive – A musically sophisticated circuit that can be smooth like a saxophone to full-on R&R aggressive. 

Musical – Not sterile, lively with a rich, full tone.

Fun to play – Brings out the best in a player’s performance. Sounds great, accurate tracking, fun to play.

Signature Sound – Flexible in the features and tone set to allow a player to find their “Signature Sound”.

Wide Selection of Tones – A large stable of useful tones that are very flexible in the studio or live. Not a one trick pony, a herd of wild trick ponies.

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