About 45 RPM 


How We Build

When it comes to the construction of our amplifiers, we have one guideline – spare no expense to get the very best tone and flexible features in the nicest looking, well built design we can create.

All of our amps are hand wired, with a point-to-point audio path. They have practical full featured controls in a robust pleasing design with modern twists of the finest vintage tube circuitry and great speakers.

45 RPM amplifiers are constructed using only the best parts and components. Our amps feature chassis mounted pots, switches and tube sockets hand wired to the component boards. Orange Drop capacitors, Sprague or SBE 6PS polyester film/foil and one watt resistors. Our output transformers are by Mercury Magnetics.

All of this adds up to create a powerful, articulate and spacious sound with wonderful dynamics. This is a serious tool for the most discriminating player.

Our chassis are a sturdy fold and weld construction of 1/8″ aluminum for maximum strength and stability. Cabinets are marine grade birch. Robust road worthy construction for long-life trouble-free performance.


Wane Fuday has been an industry professional since 1978 and a guitarist for most of his life. He has worked with some of the finest music and audio companies including PRS, the original Alesis Corp. and Line 6. Wane does the design work and is  the head of operations.



Tommy J has been a musician for 40 years and has worked as shuck in Europe, Los Angeles and Denver. He has been repairing, modifying, building and designing guitar amplifiers and other electronics for more than two decades.




45 RPM is the fulfillment of a vision to bring to players extraordinary guitar amplifiers that meet the stringent criteria of the most demanding professional. Laden with useful features but easy to navigate, they are pure analog enjoyment.



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