About 45 RPM Amplifiers

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Amplifier Characteristics 

Clean Headroom – Even if you dig in it won’t break up.

Spacious Tone Airy, in the sense that the sound is not closed in.

Overdrive Note Clarity – Articulate even when heavily overdriven. 

Tight Pick Attack Very accurate tracking of the subtleties of picking, from the lightest to the heaviest.

Harmonically Rich – Produces a full rich sound with lots of harmonic content. Not one dimensional.

 Musical – Not sterile, lively with a rich, full tone.

Fun to play – Brings out the best in a player’s performance. Sounds great, accurate tracking, fun to play.

Signature Sound Flexible in the features and tone set to allow a player to find a “Signature Sound”.

Our unique circuits, close attention to construction details and superior component choices produce a caliber of sophisticated tones and playing characteristics that are not easily or inexpensively duplicated.


We have been developing tube guitar amplifiers that inspire your performance and have a broad pallet of great tones that allows you to create a “signature” sound.

For example, our new Sky 5E3 and Sky 45E3 have two independent channels and preamps inspired by two of the most coveted vintage guitar amplifiers, the Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe and the Overdrive Special.

The 5e3 Channel 

Created in the style of the famous Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe, this Channel is great with single or double coil guitars. When set for clean tones it has a marvelous vintage ringing quality. Most classic versions of the pre amp don’t have enough headroom to take advantage of the clean tones in live performance. This amp does.

The 5E3 channel has a dedicated clean master volume control, which gives you a wide selection of ringing vintage tones even at live performance levels. The 5E3 Channel can also be routed through the Overdrive Section to give you a very responsive OD that is full of harmonics all across the neck that wants to take off and sing.

The Sky Channel

The Sky Channel draws it’s heritage from the famous ODS amps.

With a foot-switchable Mid Boost, a Pre Amp Boost and Overdrive Channel the Sky Pre is able to go from mid-scooped blackface styled cleans to a great selection of overdrive tones in real time with the foot-switch controls. One of the most musical guitar pre amps you can play.

The Overdrive Section

This is a post clean channels foot-switchable OD Section. It is a great sounding overdrive, open with excellent tone. By placing the OD Section after the preamps the tone of the pre amps come through without being compressed or compromised.

This OD Section works with both the 5E3 and Sky Preamps and also has a foot-switchable Post-OD UK Styled Tone Stack available with it’s own Master Volume Control.


The EPD is our refined take of a well-known FET tape machine circuit used by so many great players to impart harmonic richness. This unique circuit adds a clean boost with depth and texture and “animates” notes and chords. It is switchable with a push/pull gain control, although almost every player who has used it has said, “why would you turn that off?”

The Punch Control

The Punch Control decouples key frequencies from the negative feedback loop. It tightens up the dynamics of amp’s performance.

Fast Attack Amps

These are very responsive guitar amplifiers that accurately track the subtlest pick attack.

Signature Tone for the Discriminating Player

We have created a number of enhancements to the circuitry to give any player the ability to dial in our amps to their specific playing style and create a signature sound. This amp delivers extraordinary performance for the most discerning musician.

Comprehensive Foot Pedal Controls

We believe in the importance of accessing key controls of our amplifiers in real time via our footswitch. In the Sky 5E3 our 5 button footswitch has a collection of very useful operations.Switches between the two independent pre amps.Switches either channel through the OD sectionThe Sky Channel has a Mid Boost Switch for a rich Blackface clean tone when disengaged and boosted mids that work particularly well with the OD Section when engaged.The Sky Channel also has a Preamp Boost that simplifies the tone stack giving a great boost for fills or leads.Also foot switchable is the HRM Post OD Tone Stack that can be used on either channel/preamp.

Mercury Magnetics Transformers

It isn’t like we run around promoting everyone else’s products, but when it comes to transformers it is our experience that Mercury improves tone. Dramatically.

Marine Grade Birch Cabinetry & Aluminum Chassis

Cabinets are marine grade birch. Our chassis are a sturdy fold and weld construction of 1/8″ aluminum for maximum strength and stability. Our amps utilize robust construction for long-life trouble-free performance.

Quality Components

45 RPM Amplifiers are constructed using only the best parts and components. Our amps feature chassis mounted pots, switches and tube sockets hand wired to the component boards. We use Orange Drop capacitors, Sprague or SBE 6PS polyester film/foil and one-watt resistors. We use quality speakers from Celestion.

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