Players Talk About 45RPM Amplifiers

“The amp sounds lovely, man! Really nice overdrive sound especially.”

Mark Lettieri – Guitarist, Composer, Producer

“I’m inspired every time I play through a 45RPM amp.   The sustain and touch sensitivity make the guitar and amplifier a single instrument and are constantly pushing my playing to the next level”  

Curtis McDonald – Nashville Guitarist

“I love the amp! Both channels are so good. And then the Overdrive is awesome on both. Like having 4 channels. And you’re right, the EPD adds a lot.” 

Mike Hermans – Guitarist, Demo Video Player Extraordinaire 

“Just got done with a day of overdubs at Ardent Studios in Memphis. We were in Studio C which was built for ZZ Top.  Got some killer tones. Pretty much all on the OD channel, a couple solos with a fuzz pedal in front…sounded amazing!”

Curtis McDonald – Guitarist, Sideman, Session Guitarist – Nashville, TN

“The D Drive Special is a 50 watt, 6L6 “D-Style” amp, with a few twists. Like lots of amps in this genre, it features a HRM-style overdrive tonestack. This ODEQ is footswitchable, and allows you to easily switch between a smoother, more “refined” sound when engaged, and a rawer, more aggressive sound when bypassed.”

“In addition, the D Drive features a circuit the guys at 45 RPM call the EPD. The EPD is a switchable Echoplex style FET preamp that add some nice warmth to the overall sound of the amp.”

“My main amp for years has been Suhr Badger 18, a decidedly Marshall-style 18-watt amp. The Badger is about as far as you can get from a D-style amp. The D Drive was my first experience with an amp of this type, and I was pleasantly surprised. The cleans are very warm, and the EPD adds a nice juiciness to the tone. The Overdrive channel delivers that smooth Robben Ford-esque drive, while higher gain settings can get into Rev Billy G territory. This is a very unique amp circuit. Most amps that deliver this much sustain do so with a lot of compression. The D Drive delivers lots of sustain, but never has an overly compressed feel. I found that this amp is really well suited to slide playing!”

Curtis McDonald – Guitarist, Sideman, Session Guitarist – Nashville, TN

“I’ve put this amp thru the paces over the last week in both the studio and live situations. Overall this amp is a serious amp for players with very discerning ears looking for the tones that before now were basically off limits to us mere mortals. Very dynamic and very responsive with tons of headroom and more options than any amp I have ever worked with.”

Craig Bennington – Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter – Longmont, CO.

“One of the things to note about this amp, that was a stand out feature to my ears, was its ability as a 50 watt amp to retain tonality at bedroom levels. This amp really does not fall apart when you lower the volume to an appropriate level as you stand right in front of it.”

Craig Bennington – Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter – Longmont, CO.

“The new 45rpm 50 watt amp, from the first note played, exhibits a musicality, a willingness to respond to every nuance of attack, vibrato and technique, that immediately made it an integral part of the music creation experience. It’s the rare amp that becomes a partner in your musical expression, an equal member, completing the tone chain from hands, through guitar and finally through the amp and out the speaker. Certainly one of the most expressive, dynamic, easy to use and complete-sounding amps I have played.”

Rich Lasner – VP, G-Rok R&D – Novato, CA

“This amp is really warm, harmonically rich and has it’s own voice. It doesn’t sound exactly like a Dumble, It doesn’t sound exactly like a Marshall.
It sounds original and aggressive.”

Kevin Jarvis – Redwood City, CA

“Best channel switcher made IMO. I’m absolutely loving it.”


“Utilizing the EPD, PAB, and MID solo or in combination – there are so many possibilties for overdrive (and clean) sounds. This is the only amp that I feel like I can actually use them. Unlike any modeling type amplifier, or any other amp for that matter, the D’drive gets many classic overdrive sounds that all feel totally organic.”

Randy Quan – Sonoma County

“I don’t know how to describe it but when you were turning that knob I could feel it in my fingers…”

Randy Quan – Sonoma County

“This isn’t a one trick pony, this is a wild herd of trick ponies.”

Frank Hayhurst – Sonoma County

“It’s so clear and glassy, as much as I dig in it stays clear and clean – doesn’t break up.”

Jason Bodiovich – Sonoma County

“That was super fun. That’s a really nice amp, man.”

Jason Bodiovich – Sonoma County

“You’re getting out of this thing what we are all looking for.”

Gary Vogensen – Sonoma County


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