The Sky 5E3 SP




Note: Cursor +Pointers For Features!

Power: 45 Watts
Output: 4 x 6V6
Preamps: 4 x 12AX7
Speaker Outputs: 2
FX: Buffered Transparent True Bypass Fx Loop
Footswitch: 6 Button Footswitch
Construction: Baltic Birch Ply
Dimensions: Head – 21″x 10″x 10.5″
Warranty: 3 Years (Excludes Speaker & Tubes)




EPD – One of our favorite circuits. This is our take on a famous FET Pre Amp in a vintage tape delay. The EPD imparts a particularly tasty and expansive character to the sound of the amp. It has a push-off / pull-on level control. Almost every player says, “Why would you ever want to turn that off” ?

5e3 Channel This channel draws its heritage from the Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe. That is it’s launching point but we take it to a whole other level. It has great vintage tone that can also utilize our exciting OD Section. It is a simple Pre Amp so it is Very Energetic. Clean, it has a wonderful ringing quality. Routed through the OD Section it just wants to take off with lively harmonics all over the neck.

5e3 Channel/Tone Stack Because the 5e3 is such a simple Pre it wants to go into distortion very quickly. A typical vintage Tweed Deluxe is a difficult amplifier to get to play clean and loud. Our circuit has a dedicated master volume so it can play clean at high volume levels. That is very fun and sounds particularly nice with single coil guitars. Keeping the pre amp clean allows the OD Section to work with exceptional results. We find the most useful Volume Level for the 5e3 Channel is 3.

5e3 Volume This is where you can set the level for optimum performance.

5e3 Tone This is where you get to choose your favorite tone.

PUNCH   This allows you to introduce, via the foot switch, a full frequency crunch to the Clean Channel or the OD Section.

  • The Top Knob in the PUNCH Section allows you to dial in the Level of crunch you desire.
  • The Lower Knob allows you to dial up the Volume for the PUNCH Section.

SKY CHANNEL – This channel draws its heritage from a famous ODS styled amplifier. It has some of the finest clean tones you can find and an amazing Overdrive. This is a sophisticated circuit that tracks extremely accurately capturing all the subtleties of pick attach and is one of the most harmonically rich and flexible channels made. In the Overdrive Mode with its overabundance of harmonic content your guitar will want to take off all over the neck. And with tight tracking your guitar will play accurately, fast and, if you want it, on the edge of out of control. Fun.


  • Volume – This is where you set the Preamp Level.
  • Bright Switch – A high-frequency boost that can be used in both clean and overdrive modes. BRIGHT is located on the VOLUME control with a push-pull potentiometer. With VOLUME in the pulled out position, BRIGHT is on. In the pushed in position, BRIGHT is off.
  • Treble – Adjusts the high frequency response for both clean and overdrive modes.
  • EQ Shift – You can use this to add a rich bottom end to both clean and overdrive tones. EQ SHIFT is located on the TREBLE control with a push-pull potentiometer. In the pulled out position, EQ SHIFT is on. In the pushed in position, it is off. This setting is particularly useful in low volume situations.
  • Middle – Adjusts the mid frequency response for both clean and overdrive modes.
  • Bass – Adjusts low frequencies in your amplifier for both clean and overdrive modes.
  • MID BOOST (via the Foot Switch) – A midrange frequency boost. You can use this to add fatness to clean or overdrive tones. When Mid Boost is OFF you can get very scooped BF Styled Cleans. We particularly like using the MID BOOST with the Overdrive Mode.
  • PRE AMP BOOST (via the Foot Switch) – The PAB switches between boosted and normal configurations. The PAB accentuates midrange frequencies and attenuates low frequencies, making it great for cutting through during a solo. Engaged, you will also notice an increase in gain and distortion characteristics. This simplifies the SKY Pre Amp so it is Very Energetic.


  • 5e3 – The Master Volume of the 5e3 Clean Channel.
  • SKY – The Master Volume of the SKY Clean Channel.

OVERDRIVE / DRIVE CONTROL – Adjusts the amount of gain, and distortion in the overdrive mode.


  • MAIN OD – The Master OD Volume for the 5e3 and SKY Channels.
  • HRM OD – This is a Master OD Volume for a POST-OD ENGLISH-STYLE TONE STACK accessible via the Foot Switch

MULTI-COLOR INDICATOR LIGHT–  This a 4-color LED light that indicates when power is on and which Channel / OD Mode you are in.

  • Green – 5e3 Clean Channel
  • Blue – SKY Clean Channel
  • Purple – 5e3 OD Mode
  • Red /Orange – SKY OD Mode